Theatre tours give a unique opportunity to stand on one of the largest opera house stages in Poland and Europe, feel the thrill of live performance which artists feel and take a peek inside our theatre to see how it operates. During the tour one will be able to see the backstage spaces which are usually not open to the public, including but not limited to the rehearsal spaces, the stage with machinery, storage areas for elements of scenography, theatre workrooms or wardrobes. Impressive spaces, darkest recesses and technical capabilities of the Lodz opera house make an impression on everybody, irrespective of the age of the visitors. We welcome organized groups (10-25 people), ages 5+. Price per participant: PLN 10 or PLN 5 in the case of participation in the program Closer Look at the Grand Theatre in Łódź (group leaders – free of charge). Tours are held from Monday to Friday, duration: approx. 90 minutes.
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